Special Events

Magical traditions, designed to help kids, big and small, welcome and embrace natural changes together with joy. Sweet moments for kids and adults alike… I hope you’ll join us!

 Frostival – Paint the Snow Party:
Sunday, 02-03-2024: 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Join us for a paint the snow party! We sill supply water colors, powder paints, squirt bottles and you bring your Imagination. 


We ask you to register to make sure there are enough supplies for everyone interested.


Thank you!


Annual Tinkergarten Lantern Walk:
Winter 2024


Our Annual Lantern Walk has become a magical, annual tradition, designed to help kids big and small, welcome the darkness of winter and learn to embrace this big, natural change together with joy. We hope you can make the Lantern Walk part of your year.


Special Events are FREE and all are welcome! 


Upcoming Events:

first Saturday in March – Global Day of Unplugging

3-4-2023: Impromptu Snow Painting Party!


Screen Free Week! May 1-7 2023 https://screenfree.org/


International Mud Day! June 29 2023


International Fairy Tea Party 9-20-2023 thru 9-23-2023

celebrating the balance of dark and light during the equinox

2023 is the 10th Anniversary!


International Stonework Play Day – 3rd of November every year!